A note on dogs:

Dogs have always been and always will be important to me.  They’re the very best things I know and I can’t imagine not having (at least) one around.  In way, Wilderness is as much about one man’s relationship with his dog as it is about anything else.  I have always had, and always will, have a dog.  Preferably several, as is the case now.

So, a roll call:

Molly (the marauder): Part shepherd, part something else and the smartest, truest-hearted beast I’ll probably ever know.

Mongo: Our foundling and, really, a “classic” dog (behaviorally, anyway) in every way.  Loves food and the eating of it.

Boomer: My Big Girl Mastiff, weighs around 140 lbs with a head bigger than one of my parents’ yorkies.  Spoiled (by me) & feels she deserves it.

Rowan: The sweetest dog I’ve ever known.  She’s been my companion for a lot of years now and that’s her on the front page and in my author photo for Wilderness. 

A note on wives:  I have the best one.


One thought on “A note on dogs:

  1. If I had no other reason to read it I would read it for the story of the dog. I have three dogs now, two of them rescues. A Jack Russell (no surprises there) and two mutts. Shannon

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